Telephone Service

Arkansas Telephone Company (Artelco) has been providing telecommunications services since 1908. See information about our current services below:

Prepaid Phone Service is Available!!!

If you have ever had problems with poor credit, Artelco’s prepaid phone service might just be what you have been looking for.  For details, please call us at: 745-2114.

Automatic Bank Draft is Available !!!

We’ll draft your checking account or savings account from the bank of your choice on the 12th of each month so you’ll have more time for what’s really important.  For details, please call us at: 745-2114

Request New Service

To Request New Service, Apply in person at the Arkansas Telephone Company, 528 Church Street, Clinton, Arkansas 72031.  Service requires first month service, connection fees, and copy of drivers licenses or ID and correct 911 Address.  There is also a $50 deposit required for New Service Requests.

Arkansas Relay Service

To access the Arkansas Relay Service for the hearing impaired, please dial 711.

Rates and Billing

The Monthly Rates are as follows. All tariff rates for service are on file with the Arkansas Public Service Commission and are available to
the customer on request at our business office or at

  • Business – $20.57
  • Residential – $10.52

Connect Charges are as follows:

  • Office Connect – $15.00
  • Outside Connect – $40.00
  • Outside Connect w/ Jack – $56.10

Bills are issued on the first day of each month.  Local Service Charges are for the current month.  Local Service Charges are for the current month.  In most cases Toll Service Charges are for calls made prior to the 20th day of the previous month. Bills for service are due upon receipt and become delinquent if payment is not received in office on or before the 22nd day of the current month.  A late payment charge will apply.

Telephone Service will be suspended if a delinquent bill is not paid by the disconnect day.  Service will be restored upon payment in full of the delinquent bill plus any reconnection charges.  Suspension of service may be delayed when a
“Delayed Payment Agreement” has been executed.  Call our business office for further information.

Problem Resolution

A Arkansas Telephone Company Customer Service Representative is responsible for answering your  questions and resolving problems with your service.  Arkansas Telephone Company’s number is 501.745.2114.

If you are not satisfied with the response the company provides you, you have the right to file a complaint with the Arkansas Public Service Commission.  The PSC can be reached by calling toll free 1-800-482-1164, 1-501-682-1718, or by writing.  The Address is:

Arkansas Public Service Commission
Consumer Service Office
P.O. Box C400
Little Rock, AR 72203

Inside Wire Agreement

The Inside Wire Maintenance Agreement offered by Arkansas Telephone Company for customers covers all of your inside wiring and jacks.  The charges for this service (Which are billed monthly) are based on the number of lines you have coming into your house and not the number of telephones you have.  For more details on this agreement, stop by our customer service office or call 501.745.2114.

Setting Up and Receiving Voice Mail:

  • To Retrieve Your Messages Dial the Voice Mail Access # and Follow Directions.
  • To Activate CFB – Listen for Dial Tone….Press *90 + Voice Mail Access #… Hang up
  • To Activate CFD – Listen for Dial Tone…Press *92 + # of Rings (1-9) + Voice Mail Access #…. Hang up.
  • Download the Artelco Voicemail Setup Information Sheet (PDF)

Call Forward Don’t Answer – Goes to Voice Mail After a Preset # of Rings

  • To Activate – *92
  • To De-Activate – *93

Call Forward Busy – Goes to Voice Mail Immediately if you’re on the phone.

  • To Activate – *90
  • To De-Activate – *91

Residential and Business Phone Services Offered:

Service Offered Cost Per Month
Caller ID (Delivers Name and Number) 5.50
Caller ID (Business) 7.50
Call Waiting .75
Cancel Call Waiting .75
Call Forwarding .75
Call Forwarding on Busy .75
Call Forward No Answer .75
Automatic Recall *69 3.00
Automatic Recall Business 4.00
Distinctive Ringing 3.00
Distinctive Ringing Business 4.00
Selective Call Forwarding 3.00
Selective Call Forwarding Business 4.00
Selective Call Acceptance 3.00
Selective Call Acceptance Business 4.00
Selective Call Rejection 3.00
Selective Call Rejection Business 4.00
Speed Call 7 .75
3 Way Calling .75
Voice Mail (3 Minutes of Messages) 4.00
Voice Mail – Extra Minutes (Per Minute) 1.00