Are you aware of A-CAM?

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Are you aware of A-CAM? ARTelco is building out a state of the art network!

Short for Alternative Connect America Model, A-CAM is designed to help bring broadband to rural communities throughout the United States. The FCC allotted $4.5 billion in revised A-CAM broadband support for “rural broadband expansion.” Carriers around the country that want to take advantage of this funding increase are required by the FCC to meet specific buildout schedules. Currently, 207 carriers around the country now receive A-CAM support from the FCC. ARTELCO™ is one such company that received funding from the FCC specifically to help connect you, your home and your business to high-speed broadband internet.

Broadband internet service has gone from once being a luxury to now becoming a necessity for our economy and society – all Americans for that matter. For that reason, the FCC has adopted comprehensive reforms of its Universal Service Fund (USF) and Intercarrier Compensation (ICC) systems to accelerate broadband build-out to the approximately 23 million Americans (as of December 31, 2013) who lack access to the infrastructure capable of providing 10/1 Mbps fixed broadband. This reform will expand the benefits of high-speed Internet to millions of consumers in every part of the country by transforming the existing USF into a new Connect America Fund focused on broadband.

Consumers everywhere – both urban and rural – will benefit. Reform will not only drive economic growth in rural America but will expand the online marketplace nationwide, creating jobs and businesses opportunities across the country.
Artelco was one of the companies chosen for the A-CAM buildout and we’re proud to bring fast internet speeds to homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals in Van Buren County and surrounding areas.