DSL Service for Business

With High-Speed DSL service from ARTELCO™, you’ll get a dedicated line straight from your existing phone company.

DSL Internet is considered the big brother to dial-up. Many local phone service companies like ARTELCO™ provide DSL, offering High-Speed Internet access through existing telephone networks. Telephone wires carry hundreds of thousands of frequencies. Only a few thousand are for telephone communications, so the telephone and DSL modem can work at the same time!

In addition to the items listed above, here are some important features of our DSL Service

  • Always Connected
  • Operate DSL and telephone over one line
  • Free installation and modem with 2 year contract
  • DSL modems for sale (without 2 year contract)

$50.00 deposit + $40.00 connection fee for Telephone Service to be paid
at time of application for service.